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LIVE Virtual Tour & Tasting

FEB 19th, 2021 6:00PM PST

Akita Shuzo, maker of Akitabare, is now in the heart of the daiginjo brewing season. Following long-held traditional methods, they make clean, perfectly balanced sakes with impeccable structure. We look forward to tasting with Sho Nomoto, the brewery’s family owner (or president) and Kodate-san, the brewery’s sales and marketing director.


LIVE Virtual Tour & Tasting

JAN 19th, 2021 6:00PM PST

Kinoshita Brewing Company, founded in 1842, produces bold, adventurous Tamagawa sakes under the direction of Toji Philip Harper. Among them are sakes made with minimum human intervention using ambient yeasts that inhabit the brewery. Some are hardy enough to push the alcohol content up to a stratospheric 22%. Join us to tour and taste with Toji Philip Harper.


LIVE Virtual Tour & Tasting

DEC 15th, 2020 6:00PM

The Yoshida family has made sake in Yamashina village since 1870, and today their Tedorigawa label is a favorite with sake enthusiasts in Japan and overseas (thanks in part to the hit movie “The Birth of Sake” which was filmed at their brewery). Tedorigawa sakes are big on flavor, but never heavy or dense. Their innovative yamahai sakes, attuned to the local terroir, are uniquely appealing.


Experience the Taste of Autumn

Flavors of Fall

Tuesday, NOV 12th, 2019

$160 per person

Enjoy Sushi and Sake with Special Guest, Liloa Papa of World Sake, to provide education on the culture and tradition of Premium Fall Ji-Zake paired with seasonal autumn fare prepared by Chef Soichi and Chef Masa.


16th Generation Master Brewer

Monday, JUNE 17th, 2019

$125 per person

Includes all you can consume Sushi and Sake with Special Guest 16th generation Hoyo Master Brewer, Mr. Kei Uchigasaki, to provide education on Hoyo’s Premium Ji-Zake, ending on a note with light entertainment by Chef Soichi.

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